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In 1991, the Epoisses obtained the Appelation of Origine Controlée Epoisses of Burgundy, then Epoisses in 1999. Its fabrication technique is very specific and particularly complex: the milk stemming from qualified producers, undergoes a slow coagulation, then the hooping is made with care to allow a good drainage. A patient re-wiping, precedes the maturing of about five weeks, during which the cheese receives manual and individual care, two to three times a week, with water loaded more and more with Marc de Bourgogne. Its rind then slowly takes on a beautiful red-orange tint. Its aroma is rich. Its flavors stay sweet and subtle.
Wine Pairing
: Chablis.
Recipe: Epoisses Sauce

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Milk (pasteurized)
Type: soft washed rind (edible)
Pungency: Strong smell / mild taste
Optimum Maturation: 7 weeks
Maximum Maturation: 11 weeks
Shape: small discD: 4" - H: 1"
Weight: 9 oz.
Fat Content: 50%
Fromagerie Berthaut  1991 

Epoisses at its best
Packaging: wooden box 

Epoisses New Packaging 2012