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Eugène GraindorgeIt all began in 1910 with Eugène Graindorge who turned the milk produced on his farm into Livarot Cheeses. From cheese maker he became a specialist in the affinage and caring for the cheeses produced by his neighboors. He build cellars in the town of Livarot in 1927.

In the 50's, his son, Bernard Graindorge, brought their cheeses to the Parisian tables where they encounter a huge success. From then on the company developed rapidly. In 1980, Thierry Graindorge had new cellars built and undertook a modernization program which entirely respected all the basic rules of the cheese making that were established at the outset by E. Graindorge. Today, E. GRAINDORGE is the market leader for the Pont-l'Évêque and Livarot. This success was built on the passion of Eugène Graindorge and is share by all today.

The "Pays d'Auge" terroir in the Heart of Normandy

Pont-l'Évêque and Livarot come from one of the most famous milk producing regions of France: the heart of Normandy, the "Pays d'Auge", a land of traditions. The climate is mild and humid, the grass tender and lush, the valley and woodlands are restful. Normandy cows produce a milk which is recognized as one of the richest in France for its fat content, minerals, proteins and vitamins. Graindorge is the only cheese maker in the town of Livarot. The precious raw milk is collected in a strictly defined DOP are 15.5 miles around the village of Livarot. "Thanks the the soil blessed by the Gods, the conditions are perfect for a cheese maker to fully indulge his passion." E. Graindorge

Striving for Perfection

Liage of the Livarot by handIn the art of cheese making, every detail is significant and at E. GRAINDORGE cheese dairy everyone is aware of this. In addition to the quality of the milk, the traditional methods are implemented - working the curd, salting and drying it, washing the rind of the Livarot or brushing the rind of Pont-l'Évêque, tying the Livarot by hand one by one. Quality control of each individual cheese carried out by the cellar managers.

French connoisseurs know that the best cheeses of Normandy are born from E. GRAINDORGE's commitment to perfection. 


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Four Normandy AOC


Livarot Pont-l'Évêque French Neufchâtel
"Coeur de Bray"
Large Livarot E. GRAINDORGE  Large Pont-l'Évêque E. GRAINDORGE  Neufchatel Coeur de Bray 
A favorite for Valentine's day, Mother Day, weddings ...
Small Livarot E. GRAINDORGE  sMALL Pont-l'Évêque E. GRAINDORGE sMALL Pont-l'Évêque E. GRAINDORGE

Other specialties

Camenbert with Calvados  Le Grain d'Orge with Calvados
Camembert with Calvados Grain d'Orge with Calvados 


IFS (International food Standard) certification in progress