The Club

Established in March 2007 The French Cheese Club is an association of six family owned French Fromageries specialized in the production of traditional French cheeses.  


The French Cheese Club focuses on the endorsement of quality, promotion and market expansion. The main objectives are to bring worldwide prestige to our cheeses, promoting their uniqueness and monitoring the products from their production until they reach the customer tables.

We also work to promote our Terroirs and Traditions: the personalities of our cheeses give life to our land and villages. Cheese making has been deeply rooted in our culture for several centuries. There are numerous and varied historical references to our cheeses,  their production and their gastronomic interest.

We want to share those treasures with cheese lovers worldwide and promote our lifestyle: serving  cheeseboards at meals, with apéritifs or enjoying a healthy and delicious snack.


Our Cheeses

Provide a hub of information about our cheeses to educate consumer



Set-up programs to help commercial operators handle, menu and sale our cheeses



Align with the media to support promotions and marketing programs with build in values



Finally, creation of a French Cheese Club community! 


Quality guaranteed and certified

We produce about 45,873,000 pounds of cheeses every year and all the practices from the farms to the shipping are regulated and subject to compliance with good farming and foodstuff practices. Everyone is concerned from the dairy farmer to the exporter and each step of the production is important from the molder to the packer in order to provide you with award winning products.

Furthermore, all Designation of Origin Protected (previously known as AOC) cheeses to be released onto the US market must have passed successfully thorough all controls set by the INAO. Only Cheeses that comply with those requirements shall have the privilege of using the DOP and carry the name on their packaging.