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Chevalier du Taste-Fromage

The Confrérie des chevaliers du Taste Fromage de France honors personalities from the cheese industry.


The Confrérie du Taste Fromage was founded in Paris in 1954. The goal of the society is to showcase all the great cheeses of France, to see that traditions are preserved and to perpetuate the spirit of the Guild. In light of this so very French vocation, the French Cheese Club is especially proud to welcome cheese advocates from the United States to the Salon du Fromage.


Recipients of the titles “Chevalier,” “Officier,” and “Commandeur” are people who have worked tirelessly championing and promoting French cheeses. To check your eligibility, send us a description of your relevant cheese experience

 Contact: Daniel LECOGUIG 60 rue Victor Basch 94320 Thiais Tel Fax