French Cheese Club


Marketing the French Cheese Club Brand

Use our free merchandising materials to leverage the power of the French Cheese Club Brand, one of the most recognized and sought-after brands in your cheese case. We provide everything you need to educate and inspire your staff and customers.

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Buying and handling

Demand for our cheese continues to increase as more and more Americans learn about them. As a consequence, our cheeses are now widely available in the U.S. The French Cheese Club USA works with the The Cheeses of France Marketing Council, the Interprofessionnel Gruyère and Comté Committee and the cheeses of France Academy to align with the US cheese importers and distributors to support theirs sales and marketing programs with a goal to build value in, and educate consumers on our traditional and exquisite cheeses.

To make sure you’re buying the best, make a point of asking for our products by name as a mark guaranteeing its authenticity: Berthaut Epoisses, Lincet Chaource, Comté Rivoire, etc ...

Deli-Manager & Cheesemonger

This section is designed to support you in marketing our cheeses and preparing your staff to be skilled cheeses handlers. Most cheeses are shipped to the U.S. ready to be enjoyed. Some need special care. Affinage requires special knowledge but it draws customers and increase sales. Here you can preview our point-of-sale materials, recipes and information leaflets–that can be ordered free of charge if you qualify.   Promotional packages will also be available including posters, seasonal Cheese Plates, waitstaff buttons and aprons to add value to your cheese promotions.

Retail Cheese handbook / POS material / Importer and/or distributors list + PDF

Chef and Foodservice

The foodservice program is designed to help commercial and non-commercial operators handle, menu and promote our cheeses. Many educational materials are going to be available including: cheese identification, nutritional information and wine pairing. Recipes will be developed incorporating the latest food trends.  This section is designed to inspire you to menu our cheese creatively and to assist you in training your staff in proper serving.

Food service handbook / Recipes / Votre Partenaire(Francais)  Your Cheese Partner (English)   / I have a recipe to submit / Importer and/or distributors list + PDF


Whether you are just getting started in the world of Cheese importing or a seasoned veteran seeking updates, this page should be a comprehensive resource for almost all of your questions about importing French Cheeses to the US.
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