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The Lincet family, originally from the Marne, France, have been cheese makers for five generations.

The company took its present form in 1957 with the acquisition of a small dairy in Saligny that specialized in the production of Saint Florentin. With the introduction of other regional specialties from Burgundy and Champagne (such as Chaource ) production developed and diversified rapidly. The triple cream cheeses: Brillat-Savarin and Délice de Bourgogne soon followed.

Didier Lincet

Respect of traditional production methods

The milk collected from dairy farms in the region is inoculated with lactic ferments then with rennet on the arrival at the factory. The coagulation starts within minutes and continues for 15 to 16 hours as tradition imposes for all lactic type soft cheeses, and particularly for the Chaource, whose production rules have been fixed by an AOC since 1970.

The molding is carried out the following day, either by hand using a ladle, or mechanically. After draining for 24 hours the cheeses are turned out and dry salted. The fresh products are then "dried" and wrapped within two days. The product to be matured are sent to the cheese ripening room where after being inoculated with penicillin they mature for a minimum of two weeks. It is during this time that the characteristic white rind forms, allowing the body of the cheeses to mature and develop its aroma with overtones of hazelnuts.

Chaource Didier Lincet

-> Traditional Chaource Tart -> Sea Bass with Brillat-Savarin and Saffron Sauce

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Our signature cheeses

Chaource New Pack Fresh Brillat-Savarin Brillat Savarin Large Delice New Packaging
Chaource AOC Fresh Brillat-Savarin Brillat-Savarin affiné Délice de Bourgogne

Fresh Brillats with Fruits 7.1oz and the "Tutti From" (1.9 oz)

Fresh Brillat with Cranberry  Fresh Brillat with Papaya  Fresh Brillat Plain
Tutti From FIG   Tutti From Garlic & Herb  Tutti From Cranberry  Tutti From PineApple

Other specialties

Saint Florentin  Creme de Chaource 
Saint Florentin Crème de Chaource


Our cheese factory has been certified ISO 9001 since 1995 and obtained the environmental ISO 14000 in 2004.

IFS (International food Standard) certification in progress

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