The French Cheese Club is a business development and marketing firm in the US made up of six family owned French dairies, which specialize in the production of traditional French cheeses.


The French Cheese Club focuses on endorsing and promoting quality, expanding international markets and facilitating the export of our products. We work with the entire supply chain, from producer to exporter, importer, retailer and customer.

We believe that quality product is inherently tied to its terroir and tradition: the personalities of our cheeses give life to our land and villages. Cheese making is a deeply rooted tradition: there are numerous historical references to the production and gastronomic interest of our cheeses. We believe that sharing our products with cheese lovers worldwide transcends time and place and brings you to the heart of French cheese making culture.

Quality Guaranteed and Certified

We produce over 50,000,000 pounds of cheese every year. We comply with good farming and foodstuff practices (ISO, IFS or BRC). We believe that everyone is connected: from the milk producer to the exporter. We value the importance of each role through the supply chain in order to ensure the highest quality product reaches your table. All our cheeses are growth hormone (rBST) and anti-biotic free.

Cheeses that comply with INOA requirements have the privilege of using the Protected Designation of Origin (previously AOC). Look for this symbol on European cheeses to ensure quality standards.

Creating a Win-Win Partnership

The French Cheese Club offers the following services to U.S. importers, distributors, supermarkets and specialty food stores. Our Ambassadrice’s mission is to work closely at the trade, press and consumer levels.


Growing Your Business Through Education

Our cheese Ambassadrice, Rachel PEREZ, has over ten years of cheese industry experience in large retail and independent stores as well wholesale sales and marketing. Each class is tailor-made to meet your company’s specific needs.

Increased Sales

We believe the key to a successful sales team is knowledge. Designed to increase your sales-force’s confidence when describing and selling cheese, our cheese classes will provide the tools to:

  • Facilitate communication between your sales force and customers
  • Increase your sale’s force’s enthusiasm about cheese

Custom-Made, On-Site and Free

We will provide:

  • Free cheese for tasting
  • An easy guide to cheese language, history, terroir, pairing suggestions and recipes
  • Training to comfortably present the cheeses and help the sales of more cheeses

From Producer to Consumer

We work across the supply chain: from producer to exporter, importer, distributor, retailer and customer, to facilitate purchasing and sales on all levels. We strive to streamline your points of contact so that all your needs are met. Whether you have product questions, need samples or repack stickers or are just looking to find our cheeses on a retail level, we are here to answer your questions.

Promotional & Marketing Support

In addition to educational tools, we are happy to provide: