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Fromagerie Jacquin was founded in 1947 and is based between the Touraine, Berry and Sologne regions of France in the Loire Valley. For over 65 years and four generations, the Jacquin family has specialized in making and aging the region’s traditional PDO goat cheeses: Selles sur Cher, Sainte Maure de Touraine, Valençay, Pouligny Saint Pierre and Crottin de Chavignol.

Initially, the entire production was sold locally to restaurants, farmers markets and cheese shops, but was rapidly expanded to the national scene. Today, Jacquin’s cheeses are shipped worldwide, and we produce over 1,000 tons of goat cheeses per year in our recently built state-of-the-art-plant. Fresh milk is collected daily within a 30 mile radius from the Fromagerie Jacquin from fifty local farms whose average herd is about 150 goats.

RomainJacquinFromagerie Jacquin is currently managed by two generations of Jacquin: Pascal and his brother Christian in production, and Pascal’s son Romain in sales. Our motivation is to produce a high quality goat cheese based on the knowledge that has been passed on from generation to generation in our region for centuries. Our expertise is in hand-ladled molding and traditional affinage. We provide you with the most refined goat cheeses on the market.

All our cheeses are made specifically for the US market, but with the same milk, recipe and craft we use for the French market.


We offer a variety of styles and age ranges for the American market, based on what your customers prefer. Cheeses are available:

  • fresh and vacuum packed
  • aged and packed in wood boxes
  • aged and packed in micro-perforated paper




Chabris noir

Chabris Noir – Pasteurized Valençay

Available fresh or aged.
Note the truncated pyramid shape, which dates back to when Napoleon came to the Loire after his defeat in Egypt. As to not offend him, cheesemakers truncated their pyramid-shaped cheeses and Valençay was born. weight: fresh 6/10.5 oz; aged 6/7.8 oz



Montrésor – Pasteurized Sainte-Maure de Touraine

Available fresh or aged.
A cylindrical cheese with a reed pierced through the center. The nose is slightly goaty and the taste has a very characteristic sweet, rich, nutty flavor. The Montrésor is often consumed after a meal. Presented in thin slices, it can also be served as an aperitif accompanied by a light and fruity red wine (Bourgueil, Chinon, Gamay and Cabernet d’Anjou) or dry white wine (white Touraine). It can also be roasted in the oven. weight: fresh 5/12.3 oz; aged 5/8.8 oz


Rond du Cher_detour

Rond du Cher – Pasteurized Selles sur Cher

Available fresh or aged.
The tapered molds are gently filled by hand with a ladle to ensure a smooth texture. Cheeses are first salted by hand then coated in mix of salt and powdered vegetable ash. The creamy, bright white paste is sweet and nutty; the dark blue rind is edible and gives the cheese its particular flavor profile. Rond de Cher pairs well with a dry white wine. weight: 5/5.3 oz


Crottin de Champcol Detour

Crottin de Champcol – Pasteurized Crottin de Chavignol

Available fresh or aged.
From the Sancerre region, crottin is covered with a thin slightly bloomy white and blue natural rind. The paste is firm and can be brittle after prolonged aging. The aroma and the taste have are very characteristic of a fine goat fine cheese. Crottin is wildly appreciated and remains the favorite snack of the Sancerre winemakers. It can be eaten smooth (young) or very dry (aged) and is found as an ingredient in many regional recipes. It goes perfectly with white Sancerre, Pouilly, or Sauvignon Blanc. weight: 5/5.3 oz


coeur du berry Cranberries

Carré du Berry

Fresh goat cheese covered with a blend of herbs and peppercorns. weight: 6/8.8 oz


pave jadis cheese

Pavé de Jadis

A fresh ash-ripened goat cheese with a dense, cakey texture and hints of lemon and minerals. weight: 1/2.8 lb




A unique goat’s milk blue cheese with a bloomy rind and fudgy, mineraly, salty flavors. weight: 1/2.65 lb