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The Graindorge family tradition began in 1910 with Eugène Graindorge, farmer turned cheese maker and affineur of his town’s namesake cheese, Livarot. In 1958, the tradition was passed down to his son Bernard who expanded the business by expanding the area of milk collection and introducing Paris to the cheeses of E. Graindorge. Thierry, Bernard’s son took over in 1970 and continued to expand the business by expanding the line to include other traditional Normand cheeses such as Camembert de Normandie, Pont L’Eveque and Neufchâtel.

graindorge cheeseToday, Graindorge is still based in the traditional Normand town of Livarot. Family tradition and terroir intersect with modern dairy science to bring Graindorge’s cheeses to the United States market.

“A century after our cheese dairy was created, I carry on the same traditional methods of making and maturing cheese that my grandfather Eugène created and my father Bernard Graindorge passed down to me. We make our cheeses with the same high standards: the accuracy of the movements (when cutting and ladling curd), the authenticity of the recipes, the meticulousness of the process. Most importantly, the search for an outstanding raw material : raw milk provided by Norman cows bred in “Pays d’Auge”.

Normandie Fromagerie de Livarot Thierry GRAINDORGEThanks to the loyalty of the nearby farmers – who share our standards – we can create the highest quality cheese. However, our family-run business has grown up and modernized. We have been able to adapt to the present health and regulation constraints while protecting the Designations of Origin.

We are active supporters of sustainable development and draw on these values in our every day work and future development. The Graindorge cheese dairy produces the highest quality product precisely because we are invested in the local tradition, but also always looking towards the future. That is why even if time passes by, the taste of our cheeses stays the same.”
–Thierry Graindorge

As the company moves forward, and Mathilde Graindorge takes over, the company still bases itself on the following core values:

-maintaining PDO traditions of Normand Cheeses
-Partnering to create a win win relationship with dairy farmers
-Promoting and mainting the Normand breed of cows




Camembert au Calvados french cheese club

Camembert au Calvados

The two best known ingredients from Normandy come together: Camembert and apples. The curds are washed in apple brandy, known as calvados giving this camembert a sweet appley note. weight: 2/2.2 lb ~ 6/8.8 oz ~ 6/5.3 oz


Pont L’Eveque french cheese club

Pont L’Eveque

One of the oldest french cheeses, originally made by monks, Pont L’Eveque boasts similar flavors to camembert: notes of mushroom and a hint of brine. Unlike Camembert, Pont L’Eveque comes in a square shape and its rind is brushed with a salt solution to intensify the flavor. weight: 6/6.5 oz ~ 6/12.7 oz ~ 2/3.5 lb


Graindorge Livarote french cheese club


Livarot was the first cheese that Graindorge produced; over three generations,we have prefected its craft. A washed rind cheese which is wrapped in raffia to help maintain its form. A pungeant cheese, both in nose and flavor: notes of beef boullion and barnyard, but with a sweet creamy undertone. weight: 6/8.8 oz ~ 2/3.3 lb


Grain D’Orge french cheese club

Grain D’Orge

Made like a Livarot, but washed in Calvados instead of salt water brine, which brings a different sweet dimension to this pungeant cheese. weight: 6/9 oz


Neufchatel - Coeur de Bray french cheese club

Neufchatel – Coeur de Bray

A heart shaped bloomy rind cheese with a mushroomy flavor and hints of salt. Best when eaten younwhen the interior paste is cakey. weight: 6/7 oz ~ 24/1 oz